We Rad We Doin It

A hit from the album, STRONG. Directed by: Moving Box Studios (www.movingboxstudios.com) Filmed throughout the world, but primarily in Florida. Extra tour travel footage provided by: John Rousseau EDM – enhanced digital media & SummerSonic Japan, (CreativeMan) www.ArrestedDevelopmentMusic.com


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  • michelle

    I always enjoy watching your videos, this one
    I really felt like jumping too. I would
    jump even more if you would come to my town..:-)

    • AD Staff

      Thank you!! :-)

  • ute

    WOW _such a great beautiful AD POWERFUL video !!!!RESPECT!!!Thats why I LOVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT so much !!!!

  • balegacy

    I love the energy! you all sound amazing…much love

    • AD Staff

      Thank you SO much!