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New Studio Sessions Announced

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AD is back in the studio recording. They were scheduled to release a free project called, “20″ in mid 2011, but Speech reconsidered. “I wanted us to really give our absolute best, not just what happens to come out of us creatively  within a certain time period, however, the present single “LIVING” did come from that batch of tunes. We now plan to release a free album called, “Standing at the crossroads” which will be a tribute to the glory days of Hip-Hop & activism. This record will feature: DJ Nabs on the cuts & Jahah on some of the beats. We’re planning another album project with 1 Love, (entitled 1 Love) and Speech collaborating with the Yoshida Brothers from Japan with a EP called, “Premium Blend“. Our next commercial album will be called “20″ (celebrating 20 years since the debut) it will be our most compelling & significant music project we’ve ever done! Our approach is to be musically dense, melodically simple and the subject matter easy to follow” adds Speech. Speech has also been drafting a new solo album which will be a totally melodic, live band experience that will feature many of the AD members. ” Speech says, “We have more exposure opportunities in 2012, from MTV, UNSUNG to Oprah’s OWN network, and very compelling documentaries!” The group is focused. The music, activism, exposure and vibe of AD is planned to be at another level for 2012.

JJ boogie will be recording engineer & the Podium (Speech’s Studio) will be the location on this next project.


Jeremy Morong

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This month, we shout out Jeremy Morong.  Jeremy maintains one of the best & most informative blogs on Speech and Arrested Development.  The blog is appropriately titled Highway 85 in reference to Speech’s song Clock’s In Sync With Mine (and accompanying skit Do You Know How To Get To Highwy 85?).  Jeremy is pictured here with his daughter Madelyn.  Jeremy says “She’s a future AD fan anyway- one of the few rap groups you can listen to with a three-year old and feel good about it!” We’re grateful for Jeremy!  Check out the Highway 85 Blog and Jeremy’s interview with Speech HERE 

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Brand New AD Single “Living” (In our Store Now)

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Arrested Development drops their brand new single Living” Sept. 27th (iTunes, our store & Amazon). The songs a departure from the groups usual (life music) sound, produced by Randy Walker. “Living” brings a beat heavy, horn drenched grit, with Speech taking center stage articulating the joy & frustration of living as an atypical MC in todays music industry. AD member Tasha Larae delivers a spirit raising hook, while other AD members stick staunchly to middle eastern background vocals & their respective instruments. This song is possibly the first of recent AD tunes that can surface within rap formats with a BPM that is similar to other songs out today. The group deserves applause for sticking to message, while bringing a neglected rap topic to the forefront. It’s lyrically more in the tradition of blues than contemporary hip-hop, straying away from party themes & shopping sprees, and focusing on the struggles of life. Given todays atmosphere in rap, the question could be asked, “is rap allowed to be thought provoking anymore?” Can a MC talk about the frustrations of fatherhood like in Speech’s line, They acting like I’m dumb, including my only son, He’s sixteen acting like he’s going on sixty-one, plus spout off about feeling like an “outcast” without sounding bitter? This song doesn’t at all sound bitter, but instead determined. The chorus sings, Everyday I rise on a mission, please forgive me if I mess up, I’m improving, living!” It seems the group is set on exposing the struggles of being conscious in a dumbed down market & aging within a youth oriented genre, this topic is fair ground as hugely popular MC’s like Lil Wayne approach 30, Nas is 38 and Jay-Z‘s in his early 40′s. Speech is among the first to address b-boys & girls becoming grown men & women (Listen to: “The Grown Folks Table” & An Impact” from his solo album). AD’s new single, “Living” is a testimony to hip hop’s continuing evolution from a group that has long been a torch bearer for that legacy!


Legendary P.E. & AD Rocked ATL for MLK celebration!

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Legends in the industry! P.E. & Arrested Development rock live in ATl, for the MLK Day celebration. Here’s a couple of pics of the award winning-groups choppin it up backstage at the historical show! The ATL crowd was treated to an amazing performance by two of Hip-Hops biggest & most conscious musical acts, it was surely a night to remember! Other rap stars in the house was the incredible DJ Eddie F. (Heavy D), MC Sparky D, DJ Red Alert, and Davy DMX! The event was to celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the most prominent leader for civil rights the world has ever seen. Speech & his family marched in the official MLK parade with Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed. (see pics below)



(The group trippin’ backstage w/ P.E.)


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The livest show in Hip-hop

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Word is getting out that Arrested Development’s live show is the must-see show of the year. The group, since it’s beginnings, called their shows celebrations; celebrating life, death and the struggles of our ancestors. Former group member Headliner, spoke those very words on AD’s 1993 MTV award winning smash, “PEOPLE EVERYDAY” (Metamorphosis Mix).
Festival circuits have long been supporters of AD’s free spirited, high energy show, but young fans are getting hip to the action too. Group member 1 Love adds,”we’ve been seeing more youth ages 18-25 coming to our shows, they love the fundamental hip-hop vibe, mixed with high energy dancing and lyrics”. Australian promoters Slingshot speaks of AD as being “a highlight of their summer show series”, Creative man one of the top promoters in Japan, brought AD back twice in 12 months, each time “the fans went absolutely nuts!”
(Jackie) from Canada’s Folk Festival series added, “Every time we’ve brought Arrested Development to our festival, they were the talk of the entire Fest, even amongst other mega-star acts. They really show a mix of partying & purpose that our crowds like!”
Speech, the groups eternal optimist chimes in, “I feel were more excited now than we’ve ever been in our career! The group is more seasoned & happy with our own lives, that translates to the music & the crowd.” Dancer Eshe adds, “it’s truly a celebration!”

For more info on AD live dates and music:

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The black doll / white doll experiment

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1 white doll & one black doll (speak volumes)

In the 1940s, the nation was captivated by an electrifying experiment by legendary sociologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. They asked black children about two dolls, one white and one black. The majority — 63 percent of them — said they’d rather play with the white doll. Most said the white doll was nicer than the black doll and in the most poignant answer of all, 44 percent of the black children said the white doll looked most like them. ”It was groundbreaking in that it sort of changed the way we look at race relations,” Harvard University professor William Julius Wilson said. “Here are kids who felt that being white was more beautiful than black. And that’s pretty devastating.” Fast forward to recent times, a high-school literature class caused Kiri Davis to construct “A girl like me” an anthology with a wide range of different stories that she believed reflected the black girl’s experience. For the different chapters, she conducted interviews with a variety of black girls in her high school, and a number of issues surfaced concerning the standards of beauty imposed on today’s black girls and how this affects their self-image. She thought this topic would make an interesting film and so when she was accepted into the Reel Works Teen Filmmaking program, she set out to explore these issues. She also decided to would re-conduct the “doll test” initially conducted by Dr. Kenneth Clark, which was used in the historic desegregation case, Brown vs. Board of Education. She thought that by including this experiment in her film, she would shed new light on how society affects black children today and how little has actually changed. With help from mentor, Shola Lynch, and the honesty and openness of the girls interviewed, she was able to complete her first documentary in the fall of 2005.


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