Directed by: The Feel, The Ingredient & Speech. The motivational anthem for hip-hop, spiritual people, & activists! Track produced by: Randy Walker
Mixed & Mastered by: JJ Boogie. Be sure to check out the Making of video as well!

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  • Damoses

    Peace brotha Speech! Yo, the new jawn is the TRUTH!!! You are part of the movement that will bring hip hop and true lyricism back! If hip hop is buried alive, I’m on my way with the shovel, it’s up to us to unearth the real, ya dig! Peace & Guidance! Damoses

  • Lamar Tyler

    Wow that was amazing! I really enjoyed it and will definitely spread it through our networks. 

    Lamar Tyler

  • Marie Daulne

    very good message 100°/o with it – Marie

  • Tom Burrell

    that’s what I’m talking about.
    When can we post it?
    What else can we do?

  • J. Medeiros

    sneak peek at LIVING video As if height = might! Ha awsome, I’m 5”3 brotha…Preach Speech! Dig it…the beat/lyrics/…hot ticket. – J Medeiros

  • Chemynne

    My dear speech!
    Video is great. Nicely filmed. Love the fashions/styles you guys having goin’ on you look so darned classy, all of you! I also really dig how the typography is rendered throughout.
    Of course the music is always so stellar and moving.
    Hoping you’re doing well…blessed as always I imagine. – Chemynne

  • Kevin Sampson

    Yo Speech! That was a dope video. Alex and I both loved it. The beat
    was hot! You KILLED the flow…I mean, I was kinda shocked. It was
    like you had something to get off your chest. lol You really went in!
    I kept meaning to tell you I’ve listened to Strong about 3 times
    straight through in the past 2 weeks so the line about “dating me as I
    jam. They rate me for who I was, not for who I am” resonated with me
    because your music still has the same relevance as the first album,
    it’s just evolved.  I hope the people can see that. Is “Living” off an
    upcoming album? Will retweet.

    Kevin Sampson

  • Baird Warnick

    PEACE Speech – the video for Living is EXCELLENT.  (just tweeted about it)

    I meant to ask you, if you have time, could you do a drop for the show?
    Something like, “this is Speech from Arrested Development and you’re listening to HipHopGods Radio with Flatline”

    Big thanks in advance.  Hope you and yours are doing well. – Baird Warnick

  • TY

    Morning sir that video has been retweeted and shared … The perfect start to my morning as I begin mixing my own new project

  • Khao

    Man now this is a breath of fresh air!!! I love it!!!!! 
    Beat is Crazy, Hook is on point, Lyrically you killed it.
    I’m a fan – Khao

  • 2007BBK

    Yes Lord, u been hearing our cry for real hip hop. This is music !!!

  • Cabrazzi

    Dooooooooooope Speech!!!! AD forever!!! Great Mix JJ

  • noahproctor73069

    bring this rap back please god

  • woodrowkane



    U KNOW I’m feelin this!!! Keep’m coming!, def what the game needs!!!,

  • MiBizzuh

    AD always rocks the spot! Was reading the lyrics to reigning revolution the other day!

  • okcsfinest23

    Love this! Glad AD is back! Feels good listening to good music while at the same time getting educated!

  • 71603oneday

    I love this!

  • RIZON001

    TUFF TUFF CHUNE MY YOUTH!!!!!!! i love it when a piece of music can educate and make me wanna bounce

  • Grav

    OMG! I’m just about SPEECH-LESS…lol! Nah but real talk, this track is HOTT! I love the pristine professionalism and the incredible videography! But dude…the flow was on some niagara falls type delivery!! Very convicting and inspiring lyricism! Okay I know I said I was speechless, I’m actually JUST ABOUT speechless…lol! I’m sorry but yeah, it’s just that good! Much luv bruh to you and AD! I wish I can evolve the way y’all have over time. Simply incredible!

    I’m done…


  • earthbeat

    dem lyrics b deep & funky b da beat!

  • gypsystokes

    Feeling this record!

  • Michelle

    I am really good friends with the guy that produced this song (Randy). I am so proud of him and AD!! This song helped to uplift me on my way to a job interview!