Happy New Year Family & Fans! 2014

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Exclusive PEEK of the special New Years song by: Arrested Development. From us to you, good vibes for 2014. Enjoy! Song will be taken down at 12 midnight tonight 2014. Spread the word.

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Arrested Development in Brisbane, Australia

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Brisbane’s biggest street party, The Valley Fiesta, returned with a huge three-day program containing a wealth of international and home-grown talent. To add to that, there was a large roster of exciting events and acts performing in over 35 Fortitude Valley venues.

This massive free street party mixes live music, art, food and fashion, featured legendary American hip-hop group Arrested Development for their 20th Anniversary tour. Other local acts included The Aston Shuffle, The Medics, Wolf & Cub, Deep Sea Arcade, Elizabeth Rose and Muscles, to name a few.

The event had full support from the local council, and took place from 26th to 28th October, around The Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. This year’s Valley Fiesta was easily the most memorable yet!


AD 20th Anniversary Tour Video!

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Arrested Development Live at the Legendary Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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Instant Gratification – See The Show Click Now!


This show was so much fun! An amazing crowd and at the historical Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

We performed with a capacity standing room only crowd! Thank you God!


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Live Performance By Arrested Development At The 2013 International Black Film Festival of Nashville

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The Best Man Holiday tells the story of college friends who reunite during the Christmas holidays after 15 years apart. They quickly discover just how easily long-forgotten rivalries and romances can reignite.The film returns with members of the original, star studded cast that include: Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Harold Perrineau, Terrance Howard , Regina Hall and Melissa DeSousa.   


“The Best Man Holiday”

Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 7:30 pm



The Best Man Holiday - Official Trailer
The Best Man Holiday – Official Trailer



Join us for a live performance & awards ceremony honoring grammy award-winng artists

Arrested Development for their iconic hit “Tennessee”.


Saturday, Nov. 2 at 10:00 p.m at Rocketown, Nashville, TN.  
Arrested Development - Tennessee
Arrested Development – Tennessee
Living (Arrested Development) (Official Video)
Living (Arrested Development) (Official Video)


CeCe Peniston


CeCe Peniston burst onto the ’90s music scene with the infectious anthem
“Finally”, taking over the charts and becoming one of the most successful dance club artists in history.   A soulful singer with the range to take on any song, CeCe effortlessly sang R&B, dance, gospel and jazz, and went Top 5 with hits like “Keep On Walking”, “We Got A Love Thang”, and “I’m In The Mood”.  But after the huge success of her first hit, CeCe became synonymous with a narrow formula, leaving many of her fans and her record label wanting to hear little else. CeCe pushed for a greater R&B focus but ultimately alienated her core audience and ended up without a record deal.  Off stage, she struggled through two failed marriages and the loss of nearly her entire fortune. But CeCe’s tenacious spirit carried her through.
In this revealing episode of “Unsung”, CeCe candidly reveals the story of her rise to fame, her struggles to find her place in the music business and the heartbreaking personal setbacks she’s struggled to overcome.

Q&A with TV One Mixer with CeCe Peniston & TV Senior Director of Production & Programming, Jubba Seyyid immediately following the screening. 

Friday, November, 1 2013 at 7:30 pm

Country Music Hall of Fame, CMA Theater Click Here

TV One & Comcast Industry Mixer with CeCe Peniston at AURA Click Here, 9:30 pm – 1:00 am






Mr. Jubba Seyyid,

Senior Director of Production and Programming

at TV One. 

Jubba oversees network hits

 ”Unsung”, “R&B Divas”, “R&B Divas: Los Angeles”,  ”Love That Girl”, and “Belles”.

He will also be joining the Q&A discussion after the screening. and the panel on the “Emerging Urban Market.



Unsung Season 6 Premier
Unsung Season 6 Premier


Purchase Tickets Here

Thicker Than Water” follows Ben and Jewel Tankard with their blended and extended family as they live, love and laugh through the perils and pleasures of life. Self-dubbed the “Black Brady Bunch,” this southern family integrates their strong religious conviction with their penchant for the finer things in life. Under the watchful eye of the patriarch and matriarch, the Tankard children, although young adults, still live at home and must abide by Ben and Jewel’s rules. With the belief that “God wants us all to be millionaires,” the Tankards aim to be the best and brightest in everything they do. Along with their drive, comes a healthy dose of rivalry proving the adage, “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” especially true.

Q&A and mixer with the Tankard Family immediately following the screening.
Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 5.00pm




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Back in the dorms of

TRUTH HALL, Lashon, Denise, Amber, Jazae and Colette were the best of friends. Several years later, the bonds that held them together in college prove strong enough to keep them connected well into adulthood. Based in different cities, the women’s lives are deeply entwined via smart phones, computers, smart TV”S and other modern technology. When they crave a break from their individual worlds, Lashon, the movie star of the bunch, whisks them away to Hollywood for a weekend soiree.

 Back in their respective cities, the women become immersed in their own chaos, love, joy, pain, divorce, affairs, conflict…life. The brief moments spent on an ichat with a trusted friend somehow makes it all seem bearable. Many people lose tough with old classmates and friends, but the women of TRUTH HALL are a new breed, refusing to allow their friendship fall by the wayside.


When it is all said and done, adulthood has revealed their true selves…parts of them that were hidden in college. And now with all secrets on the table, we find that only real friends can hand the TRUTH.


Q&A with Director Jade Dixon immediately following the screening.   


Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm


*Location will be announced soon

*Location will be announced soon





Curdled, Directed byYolanda Geralds

Elegy for a Revolutionary,  Directed Paul Van Zyl

The Exchange, Directed by Robert Poole

Haze, Directed by Curtis Adair Jr.

The Painter, Directed by Nate Townsend

The Rebel Prince, Directed by Fabian Davis

Solstice, Directed by Reggie Gaskins 

Sweet, Sweet Country, Directed by Dehanza Rogers

Thinner Blood, Directed by Jon Reino

Ying and Yang, Directed by Kevin Darnell Walker 


Mabon “Teenie” Hodges – A Portrait of a Memphis Soul Original,  

Directed by Susanna Vapnek

Melvin & Jean: An American Story, Directed by Maia Wechsler

Mr. Stokes’ Mission, Directed by Sam Hampton

Ndiphilela Ukucula: I Live To Sing, Directed by Julie Cohen

The Prisonaires, Directed by Cass Paley

Take Us Home, Directed by Aileen LeBlanc 

True Delta, Directed by Lee Quinby and Daniel Cowen

Why Do You Have Black Dolls? Directed by Samantha Knowles 


24 to Score,
Directed by Jarius Cobb

Cass, Directed by Hugh Schulze  

Four of Hearts, Directed by Eric Haywood

Home, Directed by Jono Oliver

Misunderstood: The Cookie Gilchrist Story, Directed by Carlton Chester Gilchrist


Volunteer orientation for the 2013 festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 11:00 pm – 12:00 pm and Sunday October 27, 2013 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Filmhouse  810 Dominican Drive, Nashville TN 37228. Volunteers are required to attend an orientation session to participate in the festival. If you are interested in signing up for one of our exciting volunteer opportunities please email  a copy of your resume today to You may tell a friend, family or church member. See you Saturday.
Filmhouse Logo Final   Garden Brunch LogoOne VIllage Ent Logo 


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** NO CREDIT ** FAMEFLYNET - Exclusive: Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas At The WOMAD Music Festival

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were spotted at the WOMAD music festival over the weekend —  where the one & only Arrested Development were live in concert! (Wiltshire, England)

E! News Online posted that the 28-year-old prince and the blond beauty joined a bevy of their friends as they listened to artists like Ed Harcourt and Arrested Development.

And not even the rain could dampen their moods, the royal covered up with a hat (the same one he wore to Glastonbury a few weeks ago!) and coat while his gal pal brought a bright blue umbrella to tie her over for the occasion. But just as important, he was joined by over 5000 other wonderful fans that partied with AD.

“We were totally surprised to hear that the Price came to our show, he didn’t watch from backstage, he was dancing WITH the crowd. I thought that was cool!” – says lead vocalist Speech.

For more info:

WOMAD 2013 by MariaBrosnan

Photo by: Maria Brosnan

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YOU can seek Justice For Trayvon SIGN the @NAACP petition TODAY!

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TODAY’S an opportunity! MARCH, write songs, PETITION, act!! TODAY a SPLASH of cold water has AWAKENED our collective SPIRIT to be FREE!

YOU can seek #JusticeForTrayvon. Sign the @NAACP petition to the Department of Justice TODAY:


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Pls Sign Petition for Marissa Alexander (Warning Shot Case)

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  • marissa-alexander-4x3120424055341-marissa-alexander-story-top
  • Target: Florida Governor Rick Scott
  • Sponsored by: Susan Vaughan


The Stand Your Ground Defense failed domestic abuse victim Marissa Alexander – who didn‘t shoot anyone. Since urgent pleas for a new trial fell on deaf ears, it’s time for the Governor to pardon this innocent mother.
Only after enduring a year of violence from her husband Rico Gray, who has a documented history of abuse, did she arm herself for protection.
The next threat came just nine days after giving birth to their daughter. Gray, in a rage, cornered her and threatened to kill her. But instead of shooting him, she aimed upward. The only thing she hit was the ceiling.
Gray ran into the street, claiming she threatened to kill him and his boys. Marissa, on his word alone, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
For protecting her life and children she was just sentenced to twenty years in prison, even though Gray has recanted. There’s no excuse for Florida to deny this responsible mother her freedom.

Tell Governor Scott to PARDON Marissa NOW!


A Letter directly from Marissa (FROM PRISON) to us all:

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank each and every one of you for writing me, praying for me or even thinking of me in your heart and are continuing to do so.  For the most part, I’m hanging in there, as well as one could in this environment.  Prison is definitely NOT what’s happening.  It’s dreadful here, but hey, it’s suppose to be, it is after all captivity.  My good days out weigh my bad days only because God is my source of strength.  Please know that you all inspire me thru your communication and please know that the prayers that you offer up on my behalf are being answered.  I’m so very blessed to have some of the most extraordinary people and organizations who are committed to supporting and encouraging me in every way.

I will continue to believe in our justice system.  I choose to do so because I have complete trust in God, and we are still a nation that has this fundamental belief embedded in our core, displayed in our courtrooms and written on our money, and more hopefully in our hearts.

Truly I couldn’t begin to express to you how much I appreciate your wonderful letters of encouragement.  Please know that I do not take your time and kindness for granted.  Your heart-felt concern I am most grateful for.

With all sincerity & respect,

Marissa Alexander



Speech’s New Radio Show in Tokyo!

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IMG_1521 Drawing by @submarinerace

Drawing by a Musical Safari fan @submarinerace (via Twitter)

Speech premieres an amazing radio show in the 2nd largest music market on the planet! Tokyo Japan! On the Real Music Station 76.1 InterFm


Speech’s Musical Safari 4月6日(土)スタート!




伝説的なラップ・グループ、Arrested Developmentのラッパー&プロデューサー Speechのオリジナル番組がスタート!ツアーで世界中をまわっているSpeechが「見た」、「感じた」、「発見した」素晴らしい音楽の数々をInterFMリスナーに届けます!更に、リスナーからのメッセージやリクエストにもSpeechがお答え! まで送ってください!


This is a journey into sound


“I wanted to move the listener with the broad range of music  I’ve been exposed to while touring with Arrested Development. My record collection is vast, colorful and inspiring! I started DJin at age 13 at my dad’s night club, this is my re-entry into it!” – SPEECH

The show includes Speech’s philosophy of inclusion, up-liftment, health, spirituality and love! He plays music from everywhere and mixes it with funk, hip-hop and soul. Musical Safari guest include: Speech’s wife, Yolanda (Be Well), Jill Flowers (The world in 60 seconds) and Arrested Development member, Tasha Larae (Happy Quote)




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