Happy New Year Family & Fans! 2014

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Exclusive PEEK of the special New Years song by: Arrested Development. From us to you, good vibes for 2014. Enjoy! Song will be taken down at 12 midnight tonight 2014. Spread the word. https://soundcloud.com/arresteddevelopmentmusic/theharvestishere

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Arrested Development in Brisbane, Australia

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Brisbane’s biggest street party, The Valley Fiesta, returned with a huge three-day program containing a wealth of international and home-grown talent. To add to that, there was a large roster of exciting events and acts performing in over 35 Fortitude Valley venues.

This massive free street party mixes live music, art, food and fashion, featured legendary American hip-hop group Arrested Development for their 20th Anniversary tour. Other local acts included The Aston Shuffle, The Medics, Wolf & Cub, Deep Sea Arcade, Elizabeth Rose and Muscles, to name a few.

The event had full support from the local council, and took place from 26th to 28th October, around The Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. This year’s Valley Fiesta was easily the most memorable yet!


AD 20th Anniversary Tour Video!

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Arrested Development Live at the Legendary Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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Instant Gratification – See The Show Click Now!


This show was so much fun! An amazing crowd and at the historical Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

We performed with a capacity standing room only crowd! Thank you God!


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Bob Butler Shoot – AD touring the great nation of Japan

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** NO CREDIT ** FAMEFLYNET - Exclusive: Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas At The WOMAD Music Festival

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were spotted at the WOMAD music festival over the weekend —  where the one & only Arrested Development were live in concert! (Wiltshire, England)

E! News Online posted that the 28-year-old prince and the blond beauty joined a bevy of their friends as they listened to artists like Ed Harcourt and Arrested Development.

And not even the rain could dampen their moods, the royal covered up with a hat (the same one he wore to Glastonbury a few weeks ago!) and coat while his gal pal brought a bright blue umbrella to tie her over for the occasion. But just as important, he was joined by over 5000 other wonderful fans that partied with AD.

“We were totally surprised to hear that the Price came to our show, he didn’t watch from backstage, he was dancing WITH the crowd. I thought that was cool!” – says lead vocalist Speech.

For more info:

WOMAD 2013 by MariaBrosnan

Photo by: Maria Brosnan


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YOU can seek Justice For Trayvon SIGN the @NAACP petition TODAY!

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TODAY’S an opportunity! MARCH, write songs, PETITION, act!! TODAY a SPLASH of cold water has AWAKENED our collective SPIRIT to be FREE!

YOU can seek #JusticeForTrayvon. Sign the @NAACP petition to the Department of Justice TODAY: http://bit.ly/14PXbDI


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Pls Sign Petition for Marissa Alexander (Warning Shot Case)

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  • marissa-alexander-4x3120424055341-marissa-alexander-story-top
  • Target: Florida Governor Rick Scott
  • Sponsored by: Susan Vaughan


The Stand Your Ground Defense failed domestic abuse victim Marissa Alexander – who didn‘t shoot anyone. Since urgent pleas for a new trial fell on deaf ears, it’s time for the Governor to pardon this innocent mother.
Only after enduring a year of violence from her husband Rico Gray, who has a documented history of abuse, did she arm herself for protection.
The next threat came just nine days after giving birth to their daughter. Gray, in a rage, cornered her and threatened to kill her. But instead of shooting him, she aimed upward. The only thing she hit was the ceiling.
Gray ran into the street, claiming she threatened to kill him and his boys. Marissa, on his word alone, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
For protecting her life and children she was just sentenced to twenty years in prison, even though Gray has recanted. There’s no excuse for Florida to deny this responsible mother her freedom.

Tell Governor Scott to PARDON Marissa NOW!


A Letter directly from Marissa (FROM PRISON) to us all:

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank each and every one of you for writing me, praying for me or even thinking of me in your heart and are continuing to do so.  For the most part, I’m hanging in there, as well as one could in this environment.  Prison is definitely NOT what’s happening.  It’s dreadful here, but hey, it’s suppose to be, it is after all captivity.  My good days out weigh my bad days only because God is my source of strength.  Please know that you all inspire me thru your communication and please know that the prayers that you offer up on my behalf are being answered.  I’m so very blessed to have some of the most extraordinary people and organizations who are committed to supporting and encouraging me in every way.

I will continue to believe in our justice system.  I choose to do so because I have complete trust in God, and we are still a nation that has this fundamental belief embedded in our core, displayed in our courtrooms and written on our money, and more hopefully in our hearts.

Truly I couldn’t begin to express to you how much I appreciate your wonderful letters of encouragement.  Please know that I do not take your time and kindness for granted.  Your heart-felt concern I am most grateful for.

With all sincerity & respect,

Marissa Alexander



Our Favorite Place to Tour – Japan

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Directed by: The Feel, The Ingredient & Speech. The motivational anthem for hip-hop, spiritual people, & activists! Track produced by: Randy Walker
Mixed & Mastered by: JJ Boogie. Be sure to check out the Making of video as well!


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