AD 20th Anniversary Tour Video!


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  • Shenu

    ROCKIN’ ‘em down under! LOVE you guys, keep up the GREATNESS. *smiling*

  • Edgar Carlisle

    Love this video!!!!I need to chill with y’all

  • christian

    20 years and still in shape

  • pati

    Never forget Raggamuffin Brisbane they sang Rain it started to rain…such a blessing! more love ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!

  • Greg Wilson

    First…Happy belated 44 Birthday!! The video was amazing! I felt I like I was on tour with y’all…always on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is next…Thanks for sharing…Way to spread that love…

  • Ozara Odé

    This is so powerful! God is good and he has continuously blessed you all to share your music and uplift people all over the planet! #Keepgoing #MusicLoversUnite!

    • AD Staff

      Ozara, this is Speech. I have some exciting news for you about artists uniting. I will share real soon.